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Sunday, 8 September 2013

HP 125a toner cartridge and HP 124a toner cartridge

Some people asked the question, Is HP 125a toner cartridge is upgrade version of HP 124a toner cartridge?  Usually in others technology like printer or Mobile when company wants to upgrade his mobile  simple do it like Lumia 620 to lumia 720. But the same rule does not apple in the toner cartridge of any company. HP 125a toner is compatible for other printers while HP 124a toner cartridge is compatible for others. Both HP 125a toner and Hp 126a toner have different number for CMYBK colours . In case of 125a toner cartridge CB540a is black CB541 is Cyan. , cb542a is yellow and cb543a is Magenta, the same number style is applicable in 124a toner cartridge q6000a to Q60003. In the printer cartridge both cartridge is outstanding is performance of printing. HP printer 1600 is one of the best printers of HP in which toner 124a operates giving you 2500 Pages of black 1400 of colour , while for HP 125a toner cartridge is compatible with HP LaserJet CP1210 HP LaserJet CP1215  HP LaserJet CP1217  HP Laserjet CM1312  HP Laserjet CM1312NFI. For the office uses Bothe printer cartridge has occupied best share in the UK market. We at EBS sell both types of Toner cartridge OEM and Remanufactured of HP 125a and HP 126a toner cartridge. If you buy OEM HP 125a toner you have to pay more but at the stage of economic recession we recommended Remanufactured Toner cartridge.

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

How Laser Printer works?

Laser Printer
Laser printers are based on the principle of static electricity or static charge.
How Laser Printer works?
It is quite complex to bring the working method of laser printer in detail but a basic idea behind it, is written below.
A laser printer consists of drum (a photoreceptor assembly), corona wire, discharge lamp, toner hooper, fuser etc. at first drum is loaded with positive charge by means of corona discharge and as drum revolves a laser beam is brought on the surface of drum which creates negatively charged invisible electrostatic image of letters or pictures to be printed.
System will not be affected if charge is reversed i.e. drum is initially loaded with negative charge.
After this printer spreads positively charged toner over the drum which adhere to the negatively charged portions of the drum, after this pattern is fixed a negatively charged paper (it is also charged by corona discharge) rolls over the drum which attract the positively charged toner which ditto the image on the paper. To avoid the sticking of paper with drum it is discharged by detac corona wire. At last paper passes through the heated fuser which melts the toner and fused it with the paper by means of pressure. Speed of paper through fuser is maintained such that it can pass up without catching fire. Mean while a bright light emitting from discharge lamp clean the electrical image formed on the drum and drum get ready to print next page.
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