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Thursday, 13 February 2014

HP photoSmart 5510 Printer Ink cartridges

The HP photo Smart 5510 Printer is mainly manufactured by HP for the Home users. HP photo Smart is one of the best choose who are looking for basic printer copier and scanner for the home purpose. For the user of Apple this printer is very suitable because this is compatible with Apple Air print also and user can directly print from Apple iPad. 
HP photoSmart 5510 Printer has 14.7 X 43.7 X 32.5 CM in dimension that makes it a very small printer and easily placed at anywhere in house even in the bookshelf. With having touch screen and light weight make HP photoSmart 5510 Printer more convenient for the Users. Only having 1 minute to print A4 photo makes bestseller Inkjet printer of HP. 

Cost of Printing HP photoSmart 5510 Printer

The Ink cartridges that are compatible with HP photoSmart 5510 are HP 364 ink cartridges. HP 364 cartridges have 4 different colours like other Hp inks have.  The printing cost per page is much less than other printer of HP. HP 364 has only 3 ml while HP 364xl has 6ml.  Buying 364xl ink cartridges decrease the running cost upto 50%. If you will buy Remanufactured 364Xl multipack Ink cartridges then you will save much more than you have expected. 

HP 364XL Multipack Ink cartridges

Page Yields of HP 364xl ink cartridges 

HP 364XL CB323EE Cyan ink cartridge has print yield of 700, HP364xl CB324EE and HP 364xl CB325EE also have the same page Yields while HP 364xl Black ink has 550 pages. The Cheapest HP 364xl Multipack Ink cartridges are Available at the eBargainshop with only £16.99.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Brother HL2040 Printer Toner Cartridge

With only having 14.1 pound of weight Brother HL2040 printer is manufactured to deliver quality printing for the offices and for home purpose. The HL-2040 printer does not take much spaces, the dimension of the brother hl2040 is 14.56 inches in length,  14.1 inches in width and 6.5 inches in height makes it a small printer that can be placed any where even in the book shelf. TN2000 is the number of toner which is compatible with the Brother HL-2040 toner printer

TN2000 Twin Pack

Brother TN2000 Toner cartridges 

The percent share of brother printer cartridges are increasing in UK. Last year in top 10 printers that has been sold in UK 4 of them was associated with brother. So the demands for brother toner cartridges are also increasing. But one of the old and popular Toner cartridges is TN2000. Having the page yields of 2500 pages TN2000 are one of the most uses toner of brother. TN2000 has already grabbed the attention with delivering more alive black and realistic text. The printing results are easy to communicate, sharp and easy to read. But getting such a Refilled TN2000 toner cartridge at cheap price is big question.we are selling TN2000 toner at very cheap price.

Friday, 7 February 2014

HP 301XL ink cartridges - HP Envy 4500 Printer

HP Envy 4500 e-All-in-One printer is only 17.52x13.15x4.72 inches in size, and perfect for any work and home users.  HP Envy 4500 takes much less space than the most of other HP printer that have such a good quality. The other main features of HP Envy 4500 are wireless networking, Duplex printing and many others. The running cost of HP Envy 4500 is average in United Kingdom. 

When you buy Hp printer like Envy series printer you will get only some Ink cartridges. In a short span of time you have to buy Ink cartridges. If you buy HP Envy 4500 e-All-in-One printer, will get about 3 ml of 301 black and 9 ml of 301 colour Ink cartridges. But to make your printing cost low you have to first by 301xl ink cartridges then you have to switch on remanufactured HP 301xl ink cartridges. The price difference between HP 301 ink cartridge and HP 301xl ink cartridges are very less but the printing yield much high. HP 301 Black can print only 190 pages while HP 301xl Black ink cartridges can print 480 pages. By purchasing HP 301xl combo pack you can save much more money. The price of HP 301xl combo is £27.99 only at per page price is 3.4 pence only. IF you buy Original HP 301xl combo pack is cost of printing per page is around 4.9 pence

HP 300XL and HP 301XL ink cartridges
HP 301XL Combo

Usually the Number of HP Ink cartridges are different for the Tri-colour Ink and Black like HP 21 is black ink and Hp 22 is Tri-colour. But do not get confused in HP 300XL and HP 301xl. Both are different ink cartridges. To make different between HP 300xl Black and Colour there is a different number. HP 300XL CC641EE is Black while HP 300XL CC644EE is colour ink cartridges. In the case of HP 301XL, CH564EE is Colour while CH563EE is Black ink cartridges. 

Popularity OF HP 300XL and HP 301Xl ink cartridges

The Popularity of both ink cartridges in UK is very high. HP 300Xl in compatible with almost 45 Printer of different series like HP Envy Hp DeskJet and HP Photo Smart Series and HP 301xl is compatible with almost 22 Printers. In which HP Envy 4500 e-All-in-One is most popular one.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Relationship between HP toner cartridges and Canon toner cartridges

Today I want to share some interesting fact of toner cartridges of HP and Canon. There are lots of HP toner cartridges that can be used with Canon printers. But to use it one should know that which cartridge is replacement of each other. By having knowledge of accurate number of Hp Cartridges that can be used in canon toner the buyer can save much more money. I have released that canon toners are much higher in price then he HP toner cartridges. And sometime it also happens vice versa, so this is very important for the user of Canon printer as well as the user of Hp printer.  
The Well known HP CB540a toner Cartridge and well known Canon 716 Toner Cartridge is same. So compare between CB540a and Canon 716 toner cartridge, and buy that one which is available at cheap price.  The HP cb540a toner cartridge is one the best selling toner cartridges in the UK and canon 716 toner is also.

List of printer in which Canon 716 Toner is compatible with.
    Canon i-SENSYS LBP-5050
    Canon i-SENSYS LBP-5050N
    Canon i-SENSYS MF-8030Cn
    Canon i-SENSYS MF-8040CN
    Canon i-SENSYS MF-8050Cn
    Canon i-SENSYS MF-8080Cw

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Cheapest Epson Ink cartridges

Epson ink cartridges Users who want to buy printer ink cartridges mostly addressing online sellers for cheap and high quality ink cartridges. Now days it has become a trend that online shopping of Epson inkjet cartridges allow the buyers to check cost effective and make sure that they are ordering the leading merchandise that will full fill their desire. Ink cartridges are very expensive in term of toner cartridges but it become more expensive in relation with original Epson ink cartridges, so most of UK users of Epson ink cartridges opt remanufacture or compatible Epson ink cartridges.

But Getting Cheapest Epson ink cartridges are still a big task for the Men in Hurry (MIH) users of Epson Printers. There are Lots of online sellers of ink cartridges in UK, but who is selling at cheapest price? Some online sellers are selling at much cost effective and quality are also very good but these sites are underdog, due to the lack of presentation skill that’s way search engines are giving them low rank. But the question is a user of Epson ink cartridges Need Cheapest Epsonink cartridges. Now I have some Suggestion

T0715 Multipack

Way to buy Cheapest Epson Ink cartridges

First make a list of online seller that are selling Epson ink cartridges and check the price then purchase. Making list is not Very difficult think at last I will also suggest some top website that are selling online Epson ink cartridges.

Second if you want to buy in large amount, large means above 5 you have to call them especially to those online cartridge store that  are not well know they will gives you some extra benefits for you that will reduce your running cost in other word your variable cost.

 Third Search with both ways, both ways means, name of ink cartridges as well as the name of printer the search engine will gives you to different results. For example you want ink cartridges of your Epson printer Epson Stylus CX4300 . You have to Search Epson Stylus CX4300 ink and also the cartridges number, in this Epson Printer, Epson t0715 multipack printer inkcartridges are compatible so you have to search in both ways.

The Forth and Some time Very effective way is don’t reliable on single search engine. Search you Epson ink cartridges in different search engines like YAHOO Google Bing and So on.

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